20-year-old Amber Fieldgate is petite, shy and timid, but not to be underestimated. The high-spirited aspiring singer knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go out and get it. She is bold, brave and fiercly independent – the perfect formula for success.

Growing up with an innate passion for music, singing was a natural part of life – a trait likely adopted from her grandmother, who was an operatic performer in PE during her prime.

As a young girl, Amber was always involved in the school choir, as well as drama and was awarded drama honours in her matric year (2015). This comes after numerous achievements in her field over the years, including a cultural scholarship to St Stithians College. She was nominated Best Director at the FEDA festival, but despite her highly developed acting skills, music is still her first love. Stashed under her bed, you’ll find a notebook full of lyrics waiting to be rendered into song.

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In 2015, she joined The Buzz singing group, opening for the international best-selling music group MiCasa at NickFest SA. The stage is the one place she feels most at home, and always promises her audience – whether two people or 1000 – a superb show.

Last year, she recorded a song with Nate Butler, the A&R for America’s Got Talent, which is set for release later this year.

Currently studying a BA General at TUKS, Amber is on the straight and narrow, getting her ducks in a row before tackling the big bad world of entertainment. In the interim, she has joined the TUKS Serenade a capella singing group, claiming her spot in the limelight whenever and wherever possible. As with most, her dream is to sign a record deal with a major label in the States – but never neglecting her hometown.

Not confined to genre, the aspiring singer’s record collection ranges from pop and rock to indie heartfelt ballads, and her hope is to continue challenging the norm and amalgamating different genres and sounds to create her personal brand of fun-inspired tunes.

She says, “I have always loved music and begged my mother for singing lessons from age 9. I’ve trained in classical, musical theatre and pop and I am constantly exploring new sounds and new genres. I love how there are no set rules to music, I love mixing styles and genres as it gives me an outlet for my creativity and emotions.”