Amber Fieldgate Impresses International Talent Scouts

Life experience is invaluable. Not only does it shape who we are, but it can also alter our outlook towards life and our future. When life gives you the opportunity to travel to the States and perform in front of top entertainment executives, anyone in his right mind would grab the bull by its horns and learn from the experience, no matter the outcome.


Last year Amber Fieldgate was scouted by Elsubie Verlinden, Regional Director for the Applause Rising Talent Showcase (ARTS) and given the opportunity to do exactly this. Last month she travelled to Orlando, Florida with a select number of South African contestants to take the stage at this year’s ARTS Showcase.

Fieldgate, since a little girl, has held a dream of becoming an internationally acclaimed singer. During the full week showcase, she got to perform for top industry experts and scouts from all around the world, including Tyler Perry Studios, Nickolodeon, Disney and more.

Not only was she offered a 25% scholarship to attend the New York Film Academy, but she also received call backs from John Degrazio from Atlantic Records as well as James Pentaudi from Albany Talent.

Currently pursuing a tertiary education, Fieldgate returned to SA to finish her studies with a much better understanding of the industry and a clearer vision of what she wants to achieve in her career.

For now, South Africa remains her home as she continues to grow her career, perfecting her skills for eventual worldwide domination.

She says, “The ARTS is an experience that I’ll never forget, it has inspired me and left me with even more focus, determination and confidence.”

Fieldgate is currently working on some new music, earmarked for release in 2017. Watch this space.


More about the ARTS Convention

ARTS is an international talent platform, offering exposure to faraway lands of South Africa, Australia and throughout North America. They unite agencies looking for the brightest and best new talent worldwide, with a state of the art experience on a Hollywood set and Broadway style stage.

Many compare their ARTS experience to a career day that lasts for an entire week, centered around the world of fashion and performing arts.

They offer international networking like no other!

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