Journey to the ARTS

So as my wait for the arts comes to an end I am gearing up for the main event. A thousand thoughts whizz around in my head: Am I ready? Will they like me? Will I like them? I hope the American food doesn’t make me obese, will my introvertedness cause me to have a mental breakdown backstage because…well…PEOPLE, SO MANY PEOPLE.


Irrational fears aside, I am super excited for this trip. There is so much learning to do and I have never been more excited to just learn and absorb. My first stop is New York film academy where I get to reunite with the director, Black Babbit who offered me a scholarship there almost 2 years ago. Then I jet off to Orlando and get settled in and prepare to perform and hopefully impress all the talent scouts.

I’m currently trying to pack but I have no idea what to wear or how I will fit it all in my suitcase. I need to impress these important people in Orlando and I had hoped to command attention through flashy outfits such as high heels, beautiful ball gowns, pearl necklaces, and golden earrings. However, as I rummage through my cupboard all I can find are my usual ripped jeans, grey shirts and roughed up sneakers. Oh well, I guess they will have to do. I’ve heard the phrase ‘comfort is key’ so if that’s anything to go by I should be more than okay (perhaps I’ll give ‘cotton on’ a sneaky visit before I go).  The only thing I have going for me is my red carpet look that is absolutely stunning and my creative runway outfit! I can’t wait to wear them!img-20160705-wa0004

Leading up to my departure I’ve been practising my hair and makeup and I think I’m actually going to be fine in this department. Thank goodness my mom has all the tools such as curling wands and straighteners that aid in my efforts to look like a movie star. She also has various eye shadow pallets and many different makeup brushes, which apparently make a huge difference.

I’ve been trying to make sure I’m feeling and looking my best when I go to America. This means I’ve been training everyday and eating my fruits and vegetables and drinking tons of water (this has been truly challenging). I’ve been making sure that I stay mentally healthy by spending some quiet time in nature everyday and making sure I am grateful for everything I have received.

I can’t wait for this adventure and for this shot to finally live out my dreams! America here I come!


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